Are you looking for some good books for your 2-year-olds?

We’ve got you covered! Here are 8 of the best books for 2-year-olds that your little one is sure to love. From classic stories to new favorites, these books will keep your toddler entertained for hours on end.

Reading is a great way to bond with your child and help them learn and grow. These 8 best books for 2-year-olds are perfect for toddlers who are just starting to develop their reading skills.

How We Choose The Best Books for 2-Year-Olds

It can be hard to find the best books for 2-year-olds. You want to make sure that your child is reading age-appropriate material, but it's tough to figure out what that is.

Not only do you have to worry about finding appropriate books for your toddler, but you also have to worry about the amount of screen time they're getting. With so many electronic distractions available, it's more important than ever to provide quality book time.

We've done the work for you and created a list of the best books for 2-year-olds. These books are perfect for stimulating your child's imagination and helping them learn new words and concepts.

Best for learning

The book is written in a simple and engaging style that makes it easy for young readers to follow along. 

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1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle

Why We Choose It

This is a classic children's book that has been enjoyed by generations of readers. This delightful book features colorful illustrations of various animals, along with a sing-song text that makes it perfect for little ones. Two-year-olds will love pointing out the different farm animals and learning their colors, all while enjoying the beautiful artwork. This book is perfect for little ones who are just learning to read repetitive words.

Why You Will Love It

The book follows a simple pattern of introducing a new animal on each page, with the refrain "Brown bear, what do you see?". The illustrations are colorful and engaging, and the book has a natural rhythm that makes it perfect for reading aloud. This book is popular with kids of all ages and is a great way to introduce 2-year-olds to animals and colors.

Children at an early age will love learning about different animals with this colorful and fun book.  This guessing game is not only fun for children, but it also helps to develop their reading skills.

It's also a favorite with parents, who appreciate the opportunity to bond with their children while reading the story.

Best for Interaction

This book is a great way to introduce your child to basic concepts like colors and numbers.

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2. Press Here: An Interactive Book by Herve Tullet

Why We Choose It

Press Here! is an interactive book that's perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and early readers. This fun and engaging book help teach kids about cause and effect simply and enjoyably. Just press the yellow dot on the cover to get started on a magical journey! Each page of the book features simple instructions on how to interact with the dots, shake the pages, tilt the book, and more. With every turn of the paper pages, kids will giggle with delight as they watch the dots multiply, change direction, and grow in size.

Why You Will Love It

Press Here is ideal as a fun and interactive read-aloud story for families or small groups. The book will have kids giggling and amazed at the pages that seemingly come alive. With no screens needed, this is imaginative fun for kids and adults alike. Press Here makes a great children's gift that encourages imagination and creativity. Two-year-olds will be engaged with the different actions and see the outcomes on the next page. This is one of the best interactive books for 2-year-olds.

Best for Fun

The rhythmic text and vibrant illustrations make this book a joy to read aloud, and children will be delighted by the amusing antics of the letters. 

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3. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr

Why We Choose It

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a children's classic that has been loved for over 30 years. This fun and engaging alphabet chant is the perfect addition to your child's bookshelf. In the story, all the letters of the alphabet race each other up a coconut tree. Countless kids (and their parents) can recite the famous words of this beloved chant. With its catchy rhyming and simple illustrations, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is sure to please any little reader. Don't hesitate to add this timeless treasure to your collection and make it the family favorite!

Why You Will Love It

The rhyming words and simple illustrations make Chicka Chicka Boom Boom a fun and engaging read. The simple story is perfect for young minds at elementary school. Additionally, the book provides a great opportunity to learn the ABCs, which makes it one of the best books for 2-year-olds. While Chicka Chicka Boom Boom may be geared toward younger readers, its appeal is universal. Adults who grew up reading the book often find themselves eager to share it with their children. Whether it’s the first time or the one-thousandth time, this Bill Martin Jr book is sure to bring smiles and laughter.

Best for Potty Training

You'll learn everything you need to know, including how to deal with accidents, how to encourage your child to use the potty, and how to celebrate once they're successfully trained.

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4. Potty by Leslie Patricelli

Why We Choose It

Potty by Leslie Patricelli is a potty training book for toddlers. This hilarious book charts a toddler's journey as they decide whether or not to use the potty. With pitch-perfect humor and pacing, Leslie Patricelli follows the inner dialogue (sure to have little ones shouting responses) and hilarious actions of everyone's favorite Baby, winding up with an over-the-top look of surprise and delight that will have both parents and offspring laughing out loud. So potty train your young child the fun way with Potty by Leslie Patricelli!

Why You Will Love It

Children love the humor and easily relate to the main character, a baby who is learning to use the potty. The toddler's favorite part of the book is the “tinkle, tinkle, toot” page where the baby finally goes to the bathroom after sitting on the potty for a long time. This page helps the young child understand that patience is required when sitting on the potty. Potty is an easy story for adults to read aloud and they can add their details and facial expressions as they tell the story. Toddlers take the book with them to their potty to sit and read. The book makes them laugh and feel reassured that they are not alone in their journey of potty training. This is a fun little book that 2-year-olds kids love looking through again and again. It is one of the best interactive books for two-year-olds.

Best for Bedtime

With its delightful illustrations and simple but engaging text, Dear Zoo is the perfect book for introducing young children to the world of reading. 

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5. Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

Why We Choose It

Dear Zoo is one of the most classic and much-loved picture books of all time. Written by Rod Campbell, this timeless tale has charmed and delighted children for generations.

The story follows a child who writes to the zoo, asking them to send a pet. As they wait in anticipation, they lift the flaps to find out which animal the zoo will send next. Will it be an elephant, a lion, or a snake?

This beautifully illustrated book is guaranteed to captivate and enchant young readers, as they engage with the story and try to guess which animal will be sent next. With its engaging text and simple illustrations, Dear Zoo is the perfect introduction to reading for your little girl or boy. This great book is one of the best bedtime stories for 2-year-olds. It's no wonder that this much-loved book has sold over two million copies worldwide!

Why You Will Love It

The Dear Zoo story is simple yet charming and helps to teach kids about the different types of animals that live in the zoo. It is small and perfect for little hands, and the sturdy cardboard pages won't tear easily. The tabbed pages also help to develop fine motor skills in young children. Parents love reading Dear Zoo with their kids every night, as a bedtime routine, and it remains one of the most popular children's books of all time. This great book celebrates all the kisses and all the bonds between parents and their kids when it comes to bedtime stories. It is one of the best books for 2-year-olds.

Best for Problem Solving

A Little Stuck is a delightful story that is sure to capture the hearts of young readers.

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6. A Little Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

Why We Choose It

A Little Stuck by Oliver Jeffers is a charming story that follows the adventures of a boy named Floyd as he tries to free his kite from a tree. Through his mishaps, Floyd learns an important lesson about problem-solving. The colorful illustrations and cute story will make A Little Stuck a favorite in your household! This is a great book for repeated readings with your toddler and is one of the best books for 2-year-olds.

Why You Will Love It

A little stuck is a favorite book that boys and girls got to experience during their time at school. Stuck is just plain fun! Written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers, A little stuck is the story of Floyd and his kite that gets stuck in a tree. Floyd spends the rest of the day trying to get his kite out of the tree, but nothing he tries works. Kids and adults alike root for Floyd and his kite and laugh at the absurdity of some of the things Floyd tries. On a rainy day, this great book will be a good read for all ages!

Best for Feelings

Your little ones will love following along with Grumpy Monkey's adventures and they'll be eager to see if he can finally find his way out of his bad mood. 

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7. Grumpy Monkey by Suzanne Lang and Max Lang

Why We Choose It

Grumpy Monkey is the hilarious #1 New York Times bestselling picture book about a chimpanzee in a very bad mood.

It's a jungle out there and it can be tough to keep your cool. Just ask Grumpy Monkey. He's done with swinging from trees, he's done with playing with his friends. All he wants to do is sit in his cave and sulk. But no matter how much he grumbles, life just keeps on going. His friends keep trying to cheer him up, the sun keeps shining, and the bananas keep ripening.

Perfect for young children learning how to deal with confusing feelings, especially during the transition back to school. With its lovable main character and lively illustrations, Grumpy Monkey is perfect for kids who are dealing with big emotions. Suzanne Lang and Max Lang have created a charming and relatable story that will have kids laughing and learning along with Grumpy Monkey himself.

Why You Will Love It

Grumpy Monkey by Suzanne Lang and Max Lang is a children’s book that teaches kids the importance of being a good friend. The book is about a monkey who is grumpy and doesn’t know why. His friends try to help him and eventually he learns that it’s okay to be grumpy sometimes. This book is a great way to teach kids the importance of being a good friend and making the world a kinder place. The book has wonderful illustrations and is full of character. It’s a book that parents will love reading with their kids. It is for sure one of the special books for 2-year-olds.

Best for Entertainment 

Your kids will love learning all about counting, colours and shapes with Spot.

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8. Where’s Spot? by Eric Hill

Why We Choose It

Where's Spot? by Eric Hill is a fun-filled book that will keep your little ones entertained for hours on end. This best-selling puppy is back and better than ever with beautiful new color covers.

Inside, kids will love lifting the flap and finding out where Spot is hiding on each page. With simple text and adorable illustrations, this book is perfect for little readers. It is for sure one of the great books for 2-year-olds. So make reading time extra special with Where's Spot? your child's new favorite book!

Why You Will Love It

The book follows the adventures of a mother and child as they look for their lost pet. Throughout the book, kids are encouraged to lift the flaps to find hidden animals. The book is simple and repetitive, making it perfect for younger children. The bright illustrations and interactive format make Where's Spot? a favorite among young readers. And, parents will appreciate the fact that the book helps teach basic words and sounds. Whether you are looking for a bedtime story or a fun way to teach your child about animals, Where's Spot? is sure to please.

Best Books For 2-Year-Olds FAQs

You want to read to your child, but you're not sure what books are good for 2-year-olds.

It can be hard to find the right book for a 2-year-old. They're still learning and growing, so you need a book that will engage them and help them learn new things.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about the best books for 2-year-olds to help you make your decision.

What 3 books would you read to a 2-year-old?

Either if you are looking for the best bedtime stories or more engaging tales, there are many books for repeated readings with your 2-year-olds. The following are among the best:

Goodnight Moon

Little Blue Truck

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Best for 2 Year Olds

This classic tale is stunningly visual and full of incredible detail. It is perfect for young children who are just beginning to read. 

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Do 2-year-olds read board books?

Yes, many 2-year-olds can read those books. A board book is designed to be simple and easy for young children to read and manipulate. Among books for 2-year-olds, this one usually has thick covers, large print, predictable text, and not too many repetitive words on each page. Many 2-year-olds are beginning to learn how to read and they enjoy reading board books. The board book is a great way for young children to develop their reading skills.

What books are good for 18-month-old?

The following books are great for 18-month-olds:

The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt

Where Is Baby's Belly Button? by Karen Katz

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault

Best for Reading

The Cat in the Hat is a fun and funny story that will engage your little kid.

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What should a 2-year-old know educationally?

By the time they reach 2 years old, most children will know how to communicate with others, follow simple instructions, and understand basic concepts such as counting and colors. In terms of academic skills, they should be able to identify some letters and numbers, understand simple words and phrases, and be able to complete a few tasks independently.

Should a 2-year-old know ABCs?

There's no definitive answer to this question since every child is different. Some children may be ready for formal instruction in letter recognition and sound at 2 years old, while others may not be ready until they're a little older. The important thing is to watch your child's development and look for signs that he or she is ready to learn ABCs.

If you think your child is ready, there are several ways you can help him or her learn the letters of the alphabet.

You can start by teaching the sounds that each letter makes, and then have your child begin to identify letters in words. There are also many children's books that focus on letters and their corresponding sounds.

What should a gifted 2-year-old know?

A gifted 2-year-old should know how to communicate with others, identify colors and shapes, and count to 10.

They should also be able to understand simple instructions, follow basic commands, and answer "where" and "who" questions. In terms of skills, a gifted 2-year-old should be able to use scissors, draw a basic picture, build a tower of six blocks, and say the alphabet.

How high can a 2-year-old count?

A 2-year-old can typically count up to 10. However, some children may be able to count up to 20 or 30 at this age. counting skills continue to develop and improve until around age 8.

How well should a 2-year-old count?

The ability to count accurately is a skill that develops over time. Most 2-year-olds can count up to 10, but some may be able to count up to 20 or even 30. The important thing is that your child can identify the number of items in a set and say the correct number name aloud. If your child can do this, then he or she is counting accurately.

What are the red flags in child development?

There are a few red flags to look for when it comes to child development. If your child is not meeting certain developmental milestones, or if they are displaying troubling behaviors, it's important to seek help from a professional.

Some red flags to look out for include: Late talking or a lack of vocabulary development; difficulty with motor skills such as crawling, walking, or hand-eye coordination; poor social skills; difficult temperament; and problems with toileting, eating, or sleeping.

How do I know if my 2-year-old is advanced?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as children can vary greatly in their development. However, there are some general signs that a child may be advanced in their development. For example, a 2-year-old who can speak in complete sentences, understand complex concepts, and perform difficult tasks such as tying shoes may be considered advanced.

Are 2-year-olds potty trained?

It depends on the child. Some 2-year-olds are potty trained, while others are not. There is no one right answer to this question since every child is different. Some kids potty train quickly, while others take a bit longer.

Some parents choose to start training their child at 2 years old, while others wait until the child is older. Ultimately, it's up to the parents to decide when their child is ready for it and what method works best for them.

How can I test my 2-year-olds IQ?

There are a few different ways to test child's IQ. One way is to administer an intelligence test, such as the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale or the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children. These tests typically measure verbal ability, nonverbal ability, and perceptual reasoning.

Another way to gauge a child's intelligence is to look at his or her academic achievement. A high level of academic achievement in preschool or kindergarten may be an indication of a high IQ.

Finally, some tests can be administered at home to get an idea of your child's cognitive abilities. One such test is the Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration.

Should 2-year-old know colors?

Yes, 2-year-olds should know colors. Most children learn about colors between the ages of 1 and 2 years old. This is an important milestone in their development, as it helps them to understand the world around them.

Color names help children understand that objects can have different properties. For example, they can see that a red apple is different from a green apple. Color recognition also helps children with their reading skills later on, as many books are written in color.

So while there's no harm in waiting until your child is a bit older before teaching them about colors, most kids will be ready by age 2.

What are the signs of an intelligent child?

There is no definitive answer, as intelligence manifests itself in many different ways. However, some general signs that a child may be intelligent include the ability to learn quickly, think abstractly, and solve problems. Additionally, intelligent children often have inquisitive minds and are good at asking questions. They may also be quick to adapt to new situations and understand complex concepts.

When should a toddler count to 10?

Toddlers should count to 10 when they are learning how to count. Counting is an important skill for toddlers to learn to do things like counting money, reading numbers, and doing math problems.

What math should a 2-year-old know?

A 2-year-old should know addition, subtraction, and counting. They should also be able to understand basic concepts like more/less, big/little, and up/down. About geometry, they should be familiar with basic shapes like squares, circles, and triangles. Finally, they should be beginning to learn about time (e.g., days of the week, months of the year) and numbers (e.g., 1-10).


We know that finding the perfect book with simple illustrations for your 2-year-old can be overwhelming with so many choices out there. We hope our list of the best books for 2-year-olds helped you narrow down your options and find the perfect story to read with your little one. Reading together is a great way to bond and build language skills. By teaching spatial concepts, you can encourage movement, so snuggle up with your child and enjoy these beautiful stories!

Thanks for reading!

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