Are you looking for a way to become an expert in Forex trading?

Becoming successful in Forex trading is all about gaining the proper knowledge and understanding of the market. We have the perfect solution for you – Best Forex Trading Books! Our selection of books provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on a range of topics, including economic analysis, technical analysis, money management strategies, and more. Whether you’re new to trading or already have some experience, these are essential reads that can help boost your skillset.

With our collection of best practices, tools, and insights from experienced professionals within the industry, reading any one of these books will equip you with invaluable knowledge to sharpen your non-stop learning process as a trader. So why not take this opportunity today to expand your skillset and become an independent trader capable of making informed decisions?

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How We Choose These Best Forex Trading Books

Trading in the Forex market can be a daunting and complex task for many people. With the vast array of books about this topic, it is hard to know which ones are reliable and helpful.

You don’t want to waste your time reading a book that doesn’t give you the essential information you need or doesn’t provide accurate advice from experienced traders and professionals.

At Proof, we take the time to curate only the highest quality Forex trading books so that you can quickly find the resources you need without any hassle. Find your next great read with our recommendations today!

1. "Currency Trading for Dummies" by Kathleen Brooks and Brian Dolan

Best for Beginners

"Currency Trading for Dummies" by Kathleen Brooks and Brian Dolan is an easy-to-follow guide to forex trading, perfect for beginners who want to learn the basics and get started. 

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What Is This Book About

This book is a comprehensive guide to Forex trading for beginners. It covers everything from the basics of currency trading to advanced strategies and techniques. The authors explain the terminology, the tools used, and the different approaches to trading clearly and concisely.

Why You Will Love It

If you are a novice trader, this book is perfect for you. It provides a step-by-step guide to Forex trading, making it easy to understand and apply the concepts. It also includes practical tips and advice to help you avoid common mistakes that beginners often make.

2. "The Little Book of Currency Trading" by Kathy Lien

Best for Practical Insights

"The Little Book of Currency Trading" by Kathy Lien is a compact and concise guide to currency trading, offering practical insights and strategies for success in the forex market. 

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What Is This Book About

This book provides insights into the currency market and offers practical strategies to help traders succeed. The author, Kathy Lien, is a renowned Forex expert who has worked for some of the world's largest financial institutions. In this book, she shares her knowledge and experience to help traders navigate the market.

Why You Will Love It

This book is an excellent resource for traders of all levels. It provides practical advice on everything from technical analysis to risk management. The author's writing style is engaging and easy to understand, making it a great read for anyone interested in Forex trading.

3. "The Disciplined Trader" by Mark Douglas

Best for Trading Psychology

"The Disciplined Trader" by Mark Douglas offers a unique perspective on trading psychology and self-discipline, helping traders to overcome emotional and psychological barriers and achieve success in their trading endeavors.

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What Is This Book About

This book focuses on the psychological aspects of trading and the importance of discipline. The author, Mark Douglas, is a renowned trading psychology expert who has worked with some of the world's most successful traders. In this book, he provides insights into the mindset of a successful trader and offers strategies to help traders overcome their emotions and stay focused on their goals.

Why You Will Love It

If you struggle with discipline and emotional control in your trading, this book is a must-read. It provides valuable insights into the psychology of trading and offers practical strategies to help you develop discipline and stay focused. The author's writing style is engaging and easy to follow, making it an enjoyable read for anyone interested in trading psychology.

Best Forex Trading Books FAQs

If you’re a Forex trader, you know how difficult it can be to find the right books to help you pick up the skills necessary for success. With all the options available, it can be hard to figure out which ones are worth your time and money.

With so many books out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and you might end up wasting time on ineffective resources. It’s disheartening when your efforts don’t pay off in terms of improving your results in trading.

Most Frequently Asked Questions is here to save the day! This resource allows you to quickly browse through the most recommended Forex Trading Books, making sure that you get access only to the best resources available!

What is the best book to read for forex trading?

"The Disciplined Trader" by Mark Douglas is often considered one of the best books for forex trading. It emphasizes the importance of psychology in trading and provides strategies for developing a disciplined and successful trading approach.

Who is the richest forex trader?

The richest forex trader in the world is difficult to determine as forex trading is not a public industry. However, some of the most successful forex traders include George Soros, Paul Tudor Jones, and Bruce Kovner.

Which trading style is best for forex?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question as different trading styles work for different traders. Some popular trading styles in forex include scalping, day trading, swing trading, and position trading. Traders should choose a style that aligns with their personality, time availability, and risk tolerance.

How to learn forex books?

To learn forex through books, beginners can start with titles like "Currency Trading for Dummies" by Brian Dolan or "The Little Book of Currency Trading" by Kathy Lien. More advanced traders can delve into books like "Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets" by John J. Murphy or "The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable" by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

Can Forex make you a millionaire?

Forex trading has the potential to make traders wealthy, but it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires discipline, skill, and patience, and there is no guarantee of success. Traders should approach forex trading with a long-term mindset and a willingness to continuously learn and improve.

Is Warren Buffett a Forex trader?

Warren Buffett is not known to be a forex trader. He is a renowned value investor and primarily invests in stocks and other assets.

Is Metatrader 4 and 5 banned?

Metatrader 4 and 5 are not banned but some brokers may choose to not offer them. Traders need to check with their broker on which trading platforms are available.

Why forex is better than crypto?

Forex and crypto are different markets with different characteristics. Forex is a more established and regulated market with a long history of trading, while crypto is a newer and more volatile market. Some traders prefer forex for its stability and accessibility, while others may prefer crypto for its potential for high returns. Ultimately, it depends on individual preferences and risk tolerance.


In conclusion, having a good grasp on the fundamentals of Forex trading can make all the difference between success and failure in this market. That's why we've suggested three excellent books for beginners, intermediate traders, and experts alike. All these books provide valuable insights on how to manage yourself, develop strategies, and explore the currency markets to gain an edge. We feel that by reading one or all of these books you will be prepared for your journey into Forex trading with confidence and knowledge of any currency pair you choose to trade. So what are you waiting for? Don't miss the opportunity to choose one of these books and start your adventure in Forex trading! With some diligence and a bit of practice, you will be able to become a successful trader in no time!

Happy Reading!

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