Love learning about history? Have you ever seen a leprechaun or wanted to visit the Emerald Isle?

Then join us in exploring one of Europe’s oldest countries! Our selection of books brings to life the turbulent and exciting past of Ireland. From wars, conquests, and power struggles to artistic movements and political reforms - understand it all with our list of best Irish history books!

You'll become an expert on this fascinating country's story as we give you access to amazing details like what kind of religion was practiced in Celtic times, who the modern-day players were involved with during The Troubles, or why did the potato famine mark such a dramatic turn for the region. Who knows, maybe you could even earn bonus points from your next pub quiz after reading some of these enlightening accounts!

Start unlocking Ireland's secrets now by browsing our collection of the best Irish history books today! Hurry up before your chance disappears into thin air just like a leprechaun would do…

How We Choose These Best Irish History Books:

Finding quality books that are both entertaining and thought-provoking can be a daunting task.

The sheer number of options available in bookstores and online can be overwhelming. From bestsellers to lesser-known titles, it's hard to know which books are worth your time and money.

That's where we come in! Our list of the Best Books for Everyone offers a carefully curated selection of engaging books that offer something for everyone - from casual readers to serious scholars. Discover why these titles are so popular, and find the perfect read to enjoy today!

1. "A Short History of Ireland" by John O'Beirne Ranelagh

Best for Overview

"This book condenses the rich and complex history of Ireland into a concise yet informative read that will leave you with a deep appreciation for the country's past.

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What Is This Book About:

This concise but comprehensive history of Ireland covers over 2,000 years of the island's story, from the prehistoric era to the modern day. It traces the rise and fall of various kingdoms and empires, as well as the political, social, and cultural developments that have shaped Irish identity. It also covers the key figures and events that have defined Ireland's place in world history, from St. Patrick's to the Easter Rising.

Why You Will Love It:

With its engaging writing style and accessible approach, "A Short History of Ireland" is the perfect introduction to Irish history for both casual readers and students. It is rich in detail but also offers a broad overview of the most significant events and themes, making it a great starting point for those who want to dive deeper into the subject.

2. "The Great Hunger: Ireland 1845-1849" by Cecil Woodham-Smith

Best for Famine

This book is a gripping and heart-wrenching account of the devastating famine that forever changed the course of Irish history, offering insight into the country's resilience and determination in the face of tragedy.

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What Is This Book About:

"The Great Hunger" is a haunting account of the Irish Potato Famine, one of the most devastating events in Ireland's history. It explores the causes of the famine, the government's response, and the human toll it took on the Irish people. Through personal accounts and archival research, the author paints a vivid picture of the suffering and resilience of those who lived through this tragedy.

Why You Will Love It:

Despite its heavy subject matter, "The Great Hunger" is a compelling and accessible read. It offers a deeply moving and intimate portrayal of one of the most tragic events in Irish history, while also shedding light on the wider social and political issues that contributed to it.

3. "The Troubles: Ireland's Ordeal 1966-1996 and the Search for Peace" by Tim Pat Coogan

Best for Conflict

This book is a comprehensive and balanced exploration of the conflict that defined a generation, providing a nuanced understanding of the events that shaped modern Ireland and its ongoing search for peace.

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What Is This Book About:

"The Troubles" is a thorough and insightful account of the conflict in Northern Ireland, which lasted for over three decades and claimed thousands of lives. It explores the roots of the conflict, the key figures and events that shaped it, and the political and social ramifications that continue to reverberate to this day.

Why You Will Love It:

With its well-researched and nuanced perspective, "The Troubles" offers a comprehensive and engaging history of this complex and divisive period in Irish history. It is both informative and thought-provoking, and it sheds light on the many different perspectives and experiences of those who lived through this tumultuous time.

Best Irish History Books FAQs

Trying to find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Irish history can be time-consuming and exhausting.

Wading through articles, blogs, and forums can take hours out of your day. You don't have time to sift through all the information to find what you need.

Take the hassle out of research with Most Frequently Asked Questions about Best Irish History Books. We have curated a comprehensive list of FAQs so you can quickly and easily get the answers you need.

Which book on Irish history is best Reddit?

According to Reddit users, some of the best books on Irish history include "A Secret History of the IRA" by Ed Moloney, "The Great Hunger" by Cecil Woodham-Smith, and "The Easter Rising" by Michael Foy and Brian Barton.

Where to start with Irish history?

A good starting point for learning about Irish history is "A Short History of Ireland" by Richard Killeen. It provides a broad overview of the country's history from prehistoric times to the present day.

What is one novel about Irish history?

"Trinity" by Leon Uris is a historical novel set during the Irish War of Independence and the Irish Civil War. It follows the lives of three Dublin families and their involvement in the fight for Irish independence.

Does Ireland have a good history?

Yes, Ireland has a rich and complex history spanning thousands of years. It has been shaped by various influences, including the Celts, Vikings, and British colonization. Ireland's history includes significant events such as the Norman Invasion, the Great Famine, and the Easter Rising.

What country has the most Irish heritage?

The United States has the largest Irish diaspora in the world, with an estimated 32 million Americans claiming Irish ancestry. Other countries with significant Irish heritage include Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

What is the oldest Irish civilization?

The oldest known civilization in Ireland is the Neolithic culture, which dates back to around 4000 BC. This civilization left behind various megalithic structures, such as the famous Newgrange passage tomb.

How do I learn about my Irish heritage?

There are various resources available for those interested in learning about their Irish heritage, including genealogy websites, historical societies, and cultural organizations. It's also possible to visit Ireland and explore its rich history firsthand.

What is the most historic place in Ireland?

There are many historic places in Ireland, but one of the most significant is the Hill of Tara. This ancient site was the seat of the High Kings of Ireland and has been an important religious and political center for thousands of years.


To sum up, the history of Ireland is a truly captivating journey through both ancient and modern times. No matter which books you choose to explore on this list, it's certain that you'll gain insights into the country's courageous people, as well as its cultural and linguistic idiosyncrasies. The story of Ireland is one worth knowing and understanding--so why not pick up one of these amazing books today and begin your own adventure? And don't forget to take advantage of the opportunity to have one of these titles join your collection. After all, there's no better way to expand our knowledge than by reading about the extraordinary past events that have helped shape our world.

Happy Reading!

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