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Trying to find the best books to read can be overwhelming. With so many different books out there, how can you know which ones are worth your time?

It's hard to know which books are worth your time when you're trying to learn about a new topic. You could spend hours reading reviews on Amazon, or you could let us do the work for you.

We've read through thousands of user reviews to come up with a list of the Best Middle East Books. Whether you're looking for a history book, a cookbook, or a novel set in the Middle East, we've got you covered.

1. Islam: A Short History by Karen Armstrong

National Bestseller

This essential volume distills years of expert writing about the subject, with a vital revision of the narrow view often held by non-Muslims. 

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What Is This Book About

Karen Armstrong's Islam: A Short History is an invaluable book for anyone wanting to learn more about this diverse and complex religion. This essential volume distills years of expert writing about the subject, with a vital revision of the narrow view often held by non-Muslims. Divided into two main parts - anecdotes from Islamic history and an up-to-date analysis of modern Islam - this book proves to be an engaging, informative, and thorough account of a fascinating faith.

Islam has been the world's fastest-growing faith for centuries, yet few people know much beyond its ancient sources or its current fundamentalist strain. Armstrong provides a complete overview in her concise chronicle, making it a must-have for everyone seeking to understand more about Islamic teachings, culture, liturgy, and ethics. With fresh insights into shari'a law and of Sufism and Jihad, it offers readers a well-rounded look at one of the oldest religions in existence today.

The book is also an enlightening read on wider topics such as women’s rights in Islam, democracy and modernity following 9/11, sectarianism between Shia and Sunni Muslims, economic issues in the Muslim world, and much more! Properly contextualized historical events make this account even richer - from the establishment of Islamic rule in Northern India over 500 years ago to present-day phenomena like ISIS.

This comprehensive book allows both novice readers and those with some background knowledge to explore all aspects of Islam safely and fairly supported by Armstrong’s expertise. A must-read for anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of different religious beliefs around the world!

Why You Will Love It

You will love this book because it serves as an essential read for anyone looking to understand the core beliefs of Islam and its evolution over the centuries. Through Karen Armstrong's masterful writing, she provides an accessible way to grasp the teachings of Mohammed and connect them to current issues in the global Islamic community. You will be both captivated and enlightened by her thorough examination of the history behind such a major world faith. The evidence gathered is undeniable; this book is a must-read for any individual seeking knowledge about Islam's past and present.

2. From Beirut to Jerusalem by Thomas Friedman

National Bestseller

This book has earned its place in academic libraries across the world and helps to provide a comprehensive look into both Israeli and Palestinian cultures. 

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What Is This Book About

From Beirut to Jerusalem by Thomas Friedman is an essential book for anyone looking to truly understand the Middle East. This now-classic work of journalism has become a foundational text in understanding the region's complex and volatile history, as it was written by three-time Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas L. Friedman after spending 10 years reporting from Lebanon and Israel on the ground. With its insight into both current events and deep cultural traditions, this book has earned its place in academic libraries across the world and helps to provide a comprehensive look into both Israeli and Palestinian cultures. The thought-provoking writing is engaging, powerful, and informative and offers readers an accessible education into a region that many have difficulty comprehending. Whether you're aiming to understand the political implications of today's news or seeking to gain meaningful access to perspectives that may be different than your own, From Beirut To Jerusalem is a must-read.

Why You Will Love It

From Beirut to Jerusalem offers a unique window into the Middle East by combining history, anecdotes, analysis, and autobiography. What sets this work apart is its ability to combine such rich content with an engaging narrative that reads more like a novel than an academic paper. Each page is rife with intricate personal stories, thought-provoking observations, and concrete facts about the often turbulent region. This book was carefully crafted, with a focus on detail that will continue to shape how we view the Middle East for many years to come.

3. No God but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam by Reza Aslan

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

This captivating and enlightening book delves into the faith’s inspiring and complex origins, providing an expert view of its evolution through both historical and contemporary perspectives.

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What Is This Book About

No God but God, written by Reza Aslan and newly revised for the decade, is a comprehensive guide to understanding Islam. This captivating and enlightening book delves into the faith’s inspiring and complex origins, providing an expert view of its evolution through both historical and contemporary perspectives.

Aslan covers a great depth of information on the Islamic faith, including its history, religious and cultural traditions, social structure, political movements, and more. He also examines how recent world events—from 9/11 to the Arab Spring—have impacted Islam’s place in today's societies. You will gain essential insight into this rich tradition while exploring nuances in beliefs among different sects of Muslims.

The vivid narrative of No God but God combines powerful arguments and accurate research to create a modern masterpiece. It is truly essential reading for anyone wanting to learn about Islam's past and present. With No God but God you will find yourself looking at one of the world's major faiths with renewed appreciation - be it from a religious, scholarly, or communal perspective.

Why You Will Love It

You will love No God But God by Reza Aslan because of the timely and persuasive way it explains this magnificent yet misunderstood faith. Not only does Aslan explain the history and current state of Islam, but he also dives deeper into what the popular demonstrations pushing for democracy in the Middle East mean for its future, how the Internet and social media have transformed its evolution, and how the war on terror has suddenly changed the geopolitical balance of power in many parts of the region. Equipping readers with valuable knowledge about religion, politics, as well as social media trends in one book – No God But God will surprise and enlighten you every page turn.

4. I Am Malala: The Story of the Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban by Malala Yousafzai, Christina Lamb

National Bestseller

This book tells the story of a family’s struggle against extremist forces trying to deprive their daughter of her right to an education.

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What Is This Book About

I AM MALALA is an inspirational tale of strength and courage in the face of adversity. Written by two-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Malala Yousafzai and award-winning journalist Christina Lamb, it tells the story of a family’s struggle against extremist forces trying to deprive their daughter of her right to an education.

Malala recounts her now-famous journey—from growing up in Pakistan to attending a remote school under Taliban rule to being shot in the head by a militant and surviving—with passion, poise, and optimism. She is determined not just to survive but also to thrive as an advocate for education, penning articles on the subject despite receiving death threats from extremists. Her father Ziauddin was instrumental in Malala’s activism; he championed her ambitions even when society demanded otherwise. I AM MALALA gives a powerful voice to the hopes and dreams of young people around the world fighting for better lives for themselves and their communities.

Through this uplifting narrative, readers can learn about Malala’s resilience and courage—and gain inspiration from our collective capacity for change—even in some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable. I AM MALALA is essential reading for everyone seeking insight into some of today’s most pressing global issues.

Why You Will Love It

You will love this book "I Am Malala: The Story of the Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban" because it offers an inspiring, first-person account of one girl's incredible experiences. You can read about Malala Yousafzai's journey through global terrorism, no matter if you are familiar with her story or a newcomer to her inspirational tale. You will also find her parents to be incredibly brave and encouraging in their efforts to support her education and fight for girls' rights around the globe. You won't want to miss out on this remarkable story!

5. The Great War for Civilization by Robert Fisk

International Bestseller

This book unflinchingly reveals the tragic consequences of decades of conflict. From the Algerian Civil War to the Iranian Revolution; from the American hostage crisis in Beirut to the Iran-Iraq War; from the 1991 Gulf War to the American invasion of Iraq in 2003.

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What Is This Book About

The Great War for Civilization by Robert Fisk is an authoritative, sweeping narrative of the tumultuous events that have characterized the last half century in the Middle East. Written by a prominent and award-winning journalist who has covered the region for over forty years, this book unflinchingly reveals the tragic consequences of decades of conflict. From the Algerian Civil War to the Iranian Revolution; from the American hostage crisis in Beirut to the Iran-Iraq War; from the 1991 Gulf War to the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 – every event is detailed with accuracy and insight. Drawing on interviews with many of those involved, as well as his own experiences, Fisk paints a vivid picture of this complex region’s recent past. This comprehensive account offers readers a unique opportunity to gain a better understanding of one of the most volatile regions of our world. Get The Great War for Civilization and discover an essential truth about the Middle East, penned by one of its foremost observers.

Why You Will Love It

You will love this book because of the sheer level of detail and insight it contains. Robert Fisk set out to capture the full scope of the conflict and its associated injustices, and he succeeded in drawing us into an incredibly vivid world where tragedy and trauma become personal. It is a masterful piece of writing that offers a poetic take on raw real-life events, combining themes from literature and history with gripping stories from the field. You'll also appreciate the lucid analysis which allows us to replicate Fisk's powerful journalistic questioning through our understanding of this searing drama.

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What is the Middle East best known for?

The Middle East is an incredibly rich and diverse region, best known for its unique culture, ancient history, fascinating religions, incredible architecture, and cuisine.

The Middle East is home to some of the oldest civilizations in the world – most notably Ancient Egypt. It was here that many advancements in mathematics and medicine were made which shaped our understanding of the world today. Religion has also had a huge influence on life here; with Islam being one of the major Abrahamic faiths that call this place their home.

Culturally speaking, there are numerous priceless artifacts scattered around various places in the Middle East region – from jewelry to art, these artifacts provide a snapshot into what life was like centuries ago. Similarly impressive are some of its architectural wonders – including Petra (in Jordan) and Masada (in Israel). These spectacular sights attest to just how long humans have inhabited this part of our planet!

Moving away from culture and history - one cannot forget about another element synonymous with the Middle Eastern region: food! From aromatic kebabs to sweet pastries and tangy spreads - there's something for everyone when it comes to this culinary spread. With dishes ranging widely across countries such as Iran, Turkey, or Iraq - there's always something exciting new awaiting foodies exploring this area!

All things considered, it is easy to understand why so many different people find themselves attracted by all that The Middle East has to offer; proving time after time that it truly is a melting pot filled with unparalleled diversity!

What is the prettiest country in the Middle East?

With its vibrant and captivating culture, stunning landscapes, and amazing heritage sites, it is difficult to pinpoint one single country as the “prettiest” in the Middle East. However, from my own experiences and traveling throughout the region, I can attest that Jordan stands out among others.

Jordan encompasses a beautiful combination of bustling cities such as Amman and Aqaba as well as unique desert landscapes like Wadi Rum and iconic historical sites like Petra. Many people also enjoy venturing to Jerash – another ancient city known for its intact ruins of Roman architecture which are incredibly impressive to witness firsthand. Indulge in local cuisines that have been served for generations such as mansaf – cooked lamb over spiced rice made with yogurt sauce with almonds. For nature lovers, there is plenty of opportunities for hiking whether you desire short hikes around town or longer more challenging treks through the mountains or along different trails within Petra itself! With so much diversity in sights, each day will be filled with something different than before yet no less spectacular than what was seen previously.

Which Middle East country is the richest?

It is generally accepted that the richest Middle East country is Qatar, with a GDP per capita of $128,794 in 2020 according to the World Bank. This gives it one of the highest GDP per capita values in the world and makes it an appealing investment opportunity for foreign entities and individuals alike.

Qatar has achieved this incredible feat through its strategic approach to investments across all sectors, including oil & gas, real estate, manufacturing, and tourism. The government has invested in infrastructure such as roads, schools, and hospitals which have had a huge impact on generating wealth for its people.

The most dominant sources of income for Qatar are from oil & gas exports which account for more than 50-60% of export revenues every year. This industry has enabled Qatar to cultivate strong relationships with countries around the world and attract foreign investment into the state's economy. Additionally, they have made major advancements towards diversifying their income options by investing heavily in other industries such as financial services and hospitality services like hotels & resorts alongside government incentives such as export subsidies which help businesses expand globally or compete at home with increased confidence levels.

Books about the Middle East have become incredibly popular in recent years, and for good reason. The Middle East is a region of immense cultural, religious, and political importance that has been through some tumultuous changes over the last century. It is also home to some of the most complex terror networks in modern history as well as many important lessons from Islamic civilization.

For those interested in learning more about this fascinating region, there are plenty of quality books that cover various aspects of its history, politics, and culture. One excellent option to consider starting with is A History of Terror: From the Great War to the present by Peter Benson. This book provides an expansive overview of how terrorism evolved through both world wars up into our current era. It focuses heavily on middle east terror organizations such as al-Qaeda and Hezbollah and discusses their impact over the last century both globally and within their regions too.

Islam Between Culture & Politics written by Abou El Fadl offers another interesting take on exploring Islamic civilizations As its title would suggest it focuses primarily on understanding Islamic culture through an unusual lens – political science – offering readers insight not only into geopolitical ideologies associated with Muslim nations but explores other nuances related to what Islam looks like when applied practically outside doctrine or theory.

What is the history of the Middle East?

The history of the Middle East and the Islamic World is a long, complex, and rich one that encompasses centuries of important events. During this period we have seen many civilizations rise and fall, empires come and go, and religions dominate and then be replaced by others.

In ancient times much of the area was part of several major empires such as the Achaemenid Empire (Persian), Ptolemaic Kingdom (Egyptian), Seleucid Empire (Syrian), and Parthian Empire (Iran). These empires ruled for centuries before ultimately falling to either internal or external pressures. This period set the stage for further development in both culture and politics which would shape modern middle east states in the region. During medieval times most countries were ruled by multiple factions including dynasties like Ayyubids, Mamluks, or Muwahhidun Caliphate from North Africa - Spain until 1250 AD when Ottomans established their caliphate across much of North Africa through Anatolia into Southeast Europe which endured until 1918 AD when it was eventually dissolved after World War I ended. The Ottoman empire left an indelible mark on Middle Eastern history and society with its unique cultural blend between Turkey, the Arab world, Iran Persia & other nearby regions making up what is now known as “Ottomania”.


Whether you are looking to learn more about the people, the culture, or the history of the Middle East, these books offer something for everyone. Not only do they provide a vast array of stories and insights, but each book also features beautiful illustrations and detailed explanations that help provide an immersive experience of Middle Eastern life. If you’re someone looking to entertain yourself with captivating stories from generations before us, take time to peruse our compilation of Best Middle East Books and find one (or two!) that might be just what you’re looking for. There are many great options to choose from. For news articles specifically centered around current historical events about Yemen or Syria try reading articles published by major outlets such as the Wall Street Journal whose expert reporters have extensive experience covering stories regarding civil wars & economic crises throughout much of Asia & Africa.

Don’t miss the opportunity to add one of these unique perspectives to your collection. Plus, it is always great to further expand your knowledge in a field that interests you. Get ready for some exciting journeys into alternative worlds!

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